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Google My Business Support Service FAQs

Can’t I just fill out a ticket with Google myself?

Yes, you 100% can do this yourself. Similar to our other services, you can always do them yourself. For some, the DIY mindset works well. We also know that many people prefer to spend their time and energy on other areas of their business, rather than battling Google My Business all day long like we do. 

How much does it cost if I have more than one listing?

No. We do not have any special insider at Google or mythical partner access. We credit our success to years of experience with Google, GMB profiles, and the common problems that many users face when trying to manage and optimize their listings. 

Do you offer any guarantees or refunds?

No. We are not Google, and ultimately we cannot guarantee that your issue will be positively resolved. We are being paid to do everything we can on your behalf and pull out all the stops to get a decision in your favor. 

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